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About us

Hoopdriver Bicycles is a small, distinctive shop serving the cycling public since 2009.

We focus on bicycles and sundries designed for non-competitive urban, recreational, all-road, touring, bike-packing and gravel riding enthusiasts.
We particularly appreciate bicycles, parts and accessories that are created to be comfortable over the long haul, mechanically simple and durable, and a well-balanced blend of form and function.

Those considerations lead us to steel as the material of choice for bike frames, so we offer new, steel bikes that fit that description from All City, Surly, Moulton and Pashley, and frame/sets from same, as well as Soma and Velo-Orange.

We are known for being passionate about the outstanding quality of our maintenance, assemblies and custom work on bikes and wheels.

We also specialize in the? customization, rejuvenation, overhaul and/or re-assembly of customers’ classic, quality, steel bicycles.?

Everything we do includes great care, attention to detail, integrity and value.

See our Photo Gallery for many examples of our work.

In addition to the staples, Hoopdriver Bicycles also stocks a wide selection of unique parts and accessories (in some cases the best selection in the country).

For instance, we are proud to be a Brooks Saddles and Accessories ‘Premium Dealer’. As such, we have access to limited and/or premium products that regular retailers cannot get. We stock a wide variety of both leather and 'Cambium' saddles, leather, rubber, microfiber and ‘Cambium’ bar tape and grips, a good assortment of their bags, as well as tools and some spare parts. All Brooks saddles are still made in England.

We stock almost the entire product line from Velo-Orange, producers of beautiful and functional framesets,.parts and accessories designed for “...a more relaxed and comfortable style of riding - on refined bikes that are suited to a century ride, an inn-to-inn tour, or a ramble down your favorite dirt road".

Notably, we have extensive selections of parts and/or accessories from Surly, Soma, Carradice bags, Busch and Muller lighting systems, Continental and Schwalbe tires & tubes, Rene Herse and Panaracer tires, H+Son and Velocity rims, Sapim spokes, Crane, Osaka and Knog bells, MKS pedals & toe clips, Abus locks and others.

And in addition, significant and growing curations from Ortlieb, EVOC and Basil? bags, Tubus racks, Nitto stems & posts, Paul Components, White Industries, SON Products (Schmidt), Shutter Precision, Sturmey-Archer, Abus helmets, Park Tools, Lezyne, Topeak and Silca pumps, Gilles Berthoud bags & saddles, Knog, Cat-Eye and Serfas lights, Newbaum’s cloth bar tape, Muc-Off products Swift Industries, SimWorks, and much, much, more.

Shopping and shipping

So far we do not have an online shopping portal. We have always enjoyed, and been recognized for, creating a beautiful, well-organized and inspiring “brick and mortar” shopping experience. Never-the-less, we recognize the usefulness of online, so we are slowly working towards having at least some of our product available for shopping remotely.

Please feel free to contact us for prices and other details. Note that, though our prices are competitive, we aren't interested in competing solely on price, particularly with discount mail order sources. We strive to provide a much deeper level of service than is available from long distance (and even some local) sources, with corresponding expenses. On the other hand, you’re likely to find that the pricing on most of our specialty brands are in line with buying direct from those brands (where that is possible) once currency exchange, duty, shipping and customs clearance fees are factored in.?

We sincerely hope you will buy local, even if it's not from us in the end.

We ship Pashley and Moulton bikes within Canada (but not internationally).

Currently, delivery within local courier territories is available. Delivery further afield is something that will be expanded alongside online shopping.

In stock (and that in itself is notable these days!):

Bikes and framesets

Please go to this link to view a list of in-stock bikes and frame sets from All-City, Surly, Pashley, Moulton, KHS, Fyxation, Marinoni, Velo-Orange and Soma.
(This is not a live inventory list. Availability subject to change. We will endeavour to keep this list up-to-date to the best of our ability. Please call to confirm availability before visiting.)

Parts and accessories

  • Tons of Panaracer GravelKings in stock - Most sizes, colours and tread varieties!
  • NEW Brooks ‘Scape’ bag collection! (Also see various Brooks bags on sale below)
  • Well stocked as always on Surly, Soma and Velo-Orange handlebars, some Nitto, among others!
  • Well stocked as always on Brooks leather saddles - probably the largest selection in Canada.
  • Porteur racks galore! Surly patches!
  • Loads of 100% cotton T-shirts in stock: All-City, Surly, Pashley, MKS, Nitto, Suzue, Izumi, Soma
  • Loads of 100% cycling caps in stock: All-City, MKS, Nitto, Suzue, Soma, Cinelli, Columbus, Sugino, Rene Herse, Rustines and un-branded.

Arriving soon

New Moultons on the way (currently sold out as of February ‘21)

Our largest Pashley bicycles and parts order ever is on the way too!

On sale

Please go to this link to view a list of in-stock sale items including bikes, frame sets, balance bikes, Brooks Cambium saddles, Brooks and Arkel bags, Brooks helmets, Giro leather gloves and lots of other parts and accessories.
(This is not a live inventory list. Availability subject to change. We will endeavour to keep this list up-to-date to the best of our ability. Please call to confirm availability before visiting.)

Effects of the Pandemic, Service & News

Though we were slowly moving away from mainstream products and services anyway, due to the pandemic and much reduced capacity we have had to quickly sharpen our focus on the specialty work that we’ve come to be known for.

Therefore, we regretfully no longer accept general “tune-ups” and cannot guarantee the ability to do emergency or other repair work except on bikes that we have sold or that fit within our area of expertise. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

However, we will do our best to perform emergency flat repairs or other small repairs when possible and at our discretion without an appointment (with curbside drop-off and pick-up during lockdown).

Please email to introduce yourself and give a phone number for call-back to make an appointment for service work or call during ‘General Sales’ hours..

The supply of bicycles and many bike parts is expected to continue to be severely restricted through 2021. It will be, or already is, very difficult or even impossible to re-order or special-order some bikes. Despite these industry wide supply chain disruptions, we are pleased to have a good selection of bikes, parts and accessories in stock heading into 2021.?But shop early for the best selection!

Prices have, or are expected to, rise due to pandemic costs at factories and throughout the supply chain, shipping costs, etc. We have not and will not raise our prices simply to take advantage of demand.?

Please see our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages for the latest updates, or the links elsewhere on this page.